17th Judicial Court Trustee

Enforcement of Child Support

The Court Trustee can calculate and verify the amount of past due support which is owed. This is called a computation of arrears. The Trustee's Office can make sure that these court ordered amounts get paid by the following types of court orders:

•Income Withholding Orders (IWOs) – a document requiring an employer to withhold from the non-custodial parent an amount which will include both current and past due support. Federal and State law mandate the use of the IWO. The Trustee cannot insure when the employer will forward the money to the court as long as the amount due in any month is forwarded to the court by the last day of the month.

•Contempts - the District Court Trustee's Office can file an affidavit telling the Court that the non-custodial parent is behind in child support. The Trustee will ask the Court to order the parent to appear in court to answer as to why they are not paying. Valuable information is gained at these hearings including current address and income information.

•Garnishments & Executions – if the Noncustodial Parent has a bank account or non-exempt asset, the Trustee can ask the court to attach this property to pay the past due support.